Post Me! - FAQ
Do you provide any guarantee?
Yes, we do provide a 30-day money back guarantee.
Is there any statistical report for me to refer?
Yes. The statistical reports will help you have a visual breakdown of all message information and statistics. More in-depth information is also available for every aspect of your sent messages.
Before I send out my emails, is there any function for me to have a preview/test on?
Yes. You have the “test send” feature where you could send the email to your own mailbox to have a preview before you send out to all of your subscribers.
Can I schedule my email-sending option so that the email will only be sent at my preferred time?
Yes. You can set the Scheduled Sending of your email where you can send the email at your preferred date and time or whether it will be a recurring sending.
Do I have the option to include attachments to my emails?
Yes you can. You may attach up to 3 files and maximum file size for each file is 1MB to ensure smooth sending and receiving from your recipient.
Can I export my statistics to an Excel file?
Yes. You can view your statistics report and then export it to an Excel file.
Can I insert my URL link in the message that I wish to send out to my customers?
Yes. When your client views your message, they will be viewing your message from your website URL at your own server.
When will the monthly sending quota be reset?
Monthly email sending quota will be reset on every 1st of the month.
Does Post Me have bounce-back handling and how does it work?
Yes, Post Me has full bounce-back handling. Many times, a server or email address could go down for a few minutes, causing a message that normally goes through to bounce. If your service then removes that subscriber, you've lost a good prospect. To avoid this, we will only remove a subscriber from your list after 3 hard bounces & 6 soft bounces have occurred in default (You may set your own value).
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